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Alicia Marie Phidd

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Alicia M. Phidd Becomes the First Female General Counsel of a USL’s Soccer Franchise in Twenty Five Years


Ms. Phidd is use to breaking the still existing glass ceiling. “My approach in executing my career is simple.  If I see an opportunity that I believe I am qualified for, I go for it.” said Ms. Phidd.  “I’m usually surprised by the historic element that result.” she stated...Read more

Alicia M. Phidd Stays Connected to Her Environmental Side and Joins Board of Conservation NonProfit

SRQ Magazine

Staying true to her community awareness, Ms. Phidd gives her time to the not for profit organization, Crowley Museum and Nature Center...Read more

Alicia M. Phidd On Legal Team For High Profile Client’s Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

ARS Technica

In the world of entertainment, trademark and copyright infringement is a staple. Unfortunate but true. Ms. Phidd and team filed the trademark infringement lawsuit against Hewlett Packard on behalf of the rock and roll star to preserve his good name and integrity...Read more.