Power of Influence Excerpt from Success is Subjective: Give yourself a #Checkmark

The proverbial, “if a tree falls in the forest, how do you know that it did?” is very important to your success. Be Paul Revere and shout out from the mountains, in and around town, who you are, where you are and all the value you can bring to your target clients. 

Do you notice that Pepsi, Nabisco, Nike and any well-known brand you can think of, still advertises? You must stay relevant and on the minds of your target clients or the demographics that will shout your name to your target clients.

One way to stay relevant is to attend as many networking events as possible. This includes the who is who events annually in your geographical location. Join your industry associations. I know what you are thinking. Everyone knows this! Okay. Well, what many do not know, is that you can visit 365 events each year but if at least ten percent of the people you meet at each gathering, is not calling your name to someone else after the event…you merely attended a gathering. You were not impactful.

Be remembered! Your company or the product you are selling may already have a tagline. Find an alternative way of making it a part of your thirty second speech without sounding cheesy. Just be remembered. This is the key to your success from networking. It is not the “one on one” that networking gurus suggest. Connecting with someone after you have met them is important. However to do it routinely diminishes that meeting. I suggest sending a card after the first time you have met. Then if you should see them again at another event, perhaps then you should set a face to face meeting. I believe that meetings should be mutually beneficial. Go to the meeting with the purpose to connect on an organic level. Your objective is to be remembered. If you are remembered, then you will receive referrals. Conversely, each business person you meet should be a potential resource for your own clients, known and unknown. Resources are very valuable. Resources can be quantified depending upon the situation.